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High approval from the public also for this 9thedition.

Another great success for the event “A sea of goodness”

Many prestigious guests and fans of this event,
which every year in August embraces the seaside village of Santa Tecla with taste and solidarity

This 9th edition can also be archived as a great success, first of all in solidarity and taste, but also in teamwork, with excellent participation from companies and institutions. We speak of course of “A sea of ​​goodness”, the gastronomic event organized by Blu Lab Academy, by Chef Alfio Visalli, with the Ferlito family of the Frozen Food Center of Acireale, this year with the participation of the municipal administration.

The event took place, as per tradiotn, on the first Sunday of August and literally embraced the seaside village of Santa Tecla, while the proceeds of the evening are destined for the parish of the hamlet. Among the main objectives it proposes, there is solidarity, in addition to protecting the landscape, be it the splendid sea (unfortunately very often mistreated!) Of the Sicilian Ionian coast, and the territory, starting with the cleaning and the ability to leave all intact.

To inaugurate “A Sea of Goodness”, presented on stage by the journalist Antonio Iacona and co-host Roberta Romano, was the mayor of Acireale, Stefano Ali. He congratulated the staff on the impeccable organization. “I am convinced – said the first citizen – that events like this are doing great good for the whole territory and already at the press conference we had understood that the organization was of absolute quality. The real treasure is, according  the mayor Ali, having once again achieved multiple and delicate objectives: from ecology to plastic-free, from being a totally green event to attention to food intolerances, to obviously conclude with dishes of absolute excellence “. The “thanks” of the organizers also went to the Councilor for the Environment, Daniele La Rosa, and to Tourism, Salvo Pirrone. To bring the greeting on stage also the president of the V Tourism and Entertainment Commission, Fabio Manciagli.

There were different partners who contributed to the excellent success of the event and whom the organizing chef, Alfio Visalli, and the Frozen Center, with Salvo Ferlito, wished to thank on stage.

Besides, due to their great work, thanks have also gone to the staff, in particular to:

the event manager Valentina Duca, entrusted with the coordination of the event; Roberta Romano, for media relations; Melina Di Paola, for the administration.

Particular and exciting is the presence, for the first year ever of chef Massimo Mantarro, already close as known, to the academic activities of Blu Lab Academy, who once again wished to experience a historical event for the family of blu lab and his friend Alfio Visalli, just like a sea of goodness.

The members of the “Il Mare di Sicilia”, the prestigious names of Sicilian cuisin, got on stage, in addition to the already mentioned Massimo Mantarro, Seby Sorbello, Alfio Visalli, Maurizio Urso, Giovanni Poretto, Nico Scalora. Guest of honor this year, the president of the Euro-Toques Italy Association, Enrico Derflingher, who stressed the importance of the role played by associations in the kitchen too.

The speech by the president of Con.Pa.It. Sicily, Peppe Leotta, was very appreciated. He made, with his team of pastry chefs made, a gluten-free maxi cake, with decorations that represented important messages for the protection of the environment. One of those, included a turtle eating plastic that was a sad reference to the daily news concerning our planet and its oceans. For the partners, appreciated the interventions of A.I.C. Sicily, which illustrated the partnership of the Italian Celiac Association at the event, with the councilor Giusi Costa, the provincial contact of Etna, Fabio Esposito, and numerous other team members, present at the evening. In fact, all the recipes proposed, except for couscous, were made without gluten. Then it was the turn of Veg Sicilia, with the president Luce Pennisi, who proposed with the Association tastings in a natural and vegetable key, in the stand “Una Terra di Bontà”, in collaboration with Spirito Contadino and Casa Mandolio and with the participation by chef Giuseppe Foti.

Tu Si Bio, with Maurizio Rubera, underlined the importance of respecting the environment, on which the whole event is centered, while the elegant and in style arrangements with the event have been treated in detail by En.Mo. by Enzo Mosca.

Marco and Evelina Fiore, with their Allcholica association, proposed cocktails, American drinks and craft beer in the name of moderate and aware drinking. And yet, Calabria Pesca proposed the best productions of its coasts and the unmissable Seafood Salad.

The Tomarchio company has conquered even the youngest with the historic “Tortina”.

The oysters station has been renewed, while among the other chefs the young Silvio Iacuzza and Giorgio Pillera stood out, who dedicated himself to the “perfect fish” station the Cobia of the Open Blue company Cobia and with him the chef Francesco Gambacorta assisted by chef Mirko Pappalardo.

Among the technical partners: Electrolux, IdLab-Project and Blu Lab Promotion.

The evening was also enriched by the classic Sicilian “cannolo” thanks to small great chefs led by Edoardo Visalli and his mini staff also linked to the Leotta family; everything naturally gluten-free provided by the Cavallaro and Li Gusti companies.

There were accredited journalists that spoke on the stage; among these , Fabio Riccio, Piero Rotolo, Alberto Cicero, Anna Martano and Rosario Giunta. The evening was also enriched by the very welcome musical interventions of the Etna Afro Festival dance group.

Finally, the long-awaited closing moment, when the organizers together with Mrs. Ferlito and her children Salvo and Emanuela, called the parish priest of Santa Tecla, Father Alfredo D’Anna, on the stage and handed him the check for 2,100.00 euro (two thousand one hundred), which will be managed by the same Parish to allocate to the most needy families in the hamlet.

The tenth anniversary of the event will be celebrated next year and big news will cover the appointment.

It is to be bet that even more partners and protagonists will want to set up the event, which has now become a real tradition, not only for the Acese area.


Acireale, 5 August 2019
The “A Sea of Goodness” Press Office

For information: [email protected] | Antonio Iacona: 338-4755147 | Dr. Roberta Romano: 334-1401172