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Alfio Visalli, stubbornness and dedication for a project full of dreams, called Km-Blu.

If Blu Lab Academy is today the most avant-garde training and research center the merit is also and above all of his determination and obstinacy.

However, he is keen to point out that the strength and great passion that can be read in his eyes are the result of daily sharing with his staff, close-knit collaborators who, looking in exactly the same direction, have designed project’s profile.

It’s called Km Blu and will be presented on October 2nd at the meeting room of Blu Lab Academy which once again stands out for its ideas’ exclusivity.

What Alfio together with his trusted colleagues is preparing to introduce us is a drawer full of dreams that with such foresight began to fill many years ago, immediately understanding the importance of networking, reciprocating, matching contacts, strategies, ideas.

And then, when the times have appeared more mature, Alfio decides to put a sheet and a pen on a large table and with it begin to draw the lines of a diagram at the apex of which he began to glimpse a goal, which has become today, the mission of Km Blu.

Objectives, awareness and professional growth for operators in the agri-food sector in order to transmit them knowledge.

Thanks to those who still decide to stay with me today.