Ready specialties dedicated to the world catering

Due to my experience and the business skills of Salvo Ferlito, the “Pronto Cuoci” line was born inside the Frozen Food Center (a laboratory where innovative solutions are developed for dynamic and cutting-edge catering). A line of products clearly inspired by my philosophy and my way of life behind the stove.

I find myself engaged in the preparation of menus for exclusive events, and this makes me very proud because I realize the esteem that I have sown over the years between colleagues and friends.

My continuous dialogue with the producers gave me a clear idea of what is necessary to improve the performance of a restaurant business, which is why I offer my advice to those who wish to enhance their mission in the food and wine sector .

The raw materials importance

We select and process the raw materials, within our laboratories, with the greatest possible care, aware that the quality of the final product depends on this at first instance.

All raw materials are subjected to careful checks to verify compliance with precise quality standards.

The only natural preservative: cold

The processing takes place in compliance with the cold chain in controlled temperature environments.

The products are frozen to ensure maximum safety and to bring to the consumer tables, at any time of the year and regardless of the seasonality of the product, a food that fully reveals the original organoleptic characteristics.

All prepared products are frozen and packed in 3kg cartons. Some references are also available in 300 g retail packs. The preliminary selection of the raw material, the cutting of the fish, the preparation of the ingredients in suitable production environments and the skilled workforce in the production of ready-to-use semi-finished products, offer the chef a product with multiple advantages.

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