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The intangible perfection of an idea comes from the size and strength of desire, aspiration and natural inclination of each man, energy and motivation that still strengthens my personal belief every day.

Every man, by his nature, has the desire to know and be surprised, but how much freedom do we enjoy in realizing that idea or that assumption that coul be work, sentimental or simply social?

This is only a personal premise of the effects of the now known food dictatorship of which I spoke earlier. We witness inert to an aseptic and general homologation of the most personal thing we all have, the freedom to be, for better or for worse, true or false.

The compromise we accepted like consequence of great choices apparently made for the good and the future of us citizens, has basically made us truly stateless. I deny membership / appearance and prefer to freely feel that as the citizen of the world, perhaps alone, but certainly free in my choices, refusing perfect labels that do not represent me.

Wealth does not mean to be owner of material goods; the only real property right we have is the right to choose what form to give to our future.


These compromises, dictatorships and demagogic interpretations, even in the world of small and medium restaurants, draw energy and inspiration from that deep sense of insecurity that resides in each of us and that has enslaved us in a younger but not very long-lived communication system. .

So I ask you: does it still make sense to continue working to be accepted by a fundamentally compromised present that has already revealed the uncertainty of the future that awaits us?

Copywriter Roberta Romano