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Sicily, true food and wine continent, as defined, offers infinite inspirations. For this reason, our territory cuisine, is unique and inimitable.  Do to the non-existence of any other alternative, those who preceded, used strictly territorial ingredients.

An authentic evaluation

If today I had to make a sincere evaluation of the result we reached, he probably would not be so happy.

In fact, for some time now we have witnessed a true ethical and cultural impoverishment of what before was used and lived as a real resource from which to obtain substantially food benefits and then only later,

of prestige. Today what I see is an inversion of trend between necessity and appearance, a sacrifice, unfortunately, of transparency and quality in communication.


Instead, everyone should be aware of the potential of our territory and its resources avoiding transcending into personal exploitations, aimed exclusively at increasing one’s own media identity. Personally I firmly believe a lot in the product at Km. 0 but I believe even more in the possibility, when the market and the need require it, to involve distant realities following the ethics of sustainability and environment.

The media, the must-haves on the importance of the local company or on the local economy, must not distance us from the commercial truth that often stands before us catering operators.

What is completely important is the the consumer’s transparency and information who, if educated, I am sure will appreciate the message on the product’s origin that has come to his table.

A resource that must be conveyed with sincerity and free of referees is the local cuisine.

In the course of my life, I met a great person, Massimo Mantarro. We have the same way of thinking and we share the great human and professional coherence outside and inside a kitchen. This synergy and sharing of thought has brought great energy to the realization of what Blu Lab academy has developed in the latest training project, which saw Massimo teacher and responsible for professional classes held in the academy.

Therefore, if we speak of Sicilian identity, it must remain so, without unnecessary sacrifices.