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We never wondered
how free are we in choosing what we eat?

As a cook, father and passionate about quality in the kitchen and at the table I asked myself this question; the answer, unfortunately, is the exact opposite of what you can imagine. Every day and every moment, when we are going to choose the ingredients that will be part of our pantry, we think to choose what we really like. But, actually it is not so, because like every other action, also feeding is the result of time, cultural, place, ethical and economic conditions.

Stuck in a real food dictatorship


Chained and stuck in a real food dictatorship imposed by the Greats who choose for us and without us, this is the way we are living today. They have only destroyed the freedom to grow and eat healthily starting from what ends up on our tables every day, or in the restaurant.

This dictatorship is basically nothing more than the effect of the choices made over the years by the whole class of end consumers who unaware of the devastating effects have created a real boomerang effect, discrediting the productions of true quality in favor of the branded products.

For this reason, if I had to decide to carry out a restaurant business as I often desired, I would experiment serious difficulties, for sure. In fact, my feeling of being a cook, with or without guests, would collide with the figure idealized through communication every day.

I feel like a cook in and out of a kitchen, with or without a gourmet, for the simple fact of wanting to make feel good, those who welcome me to my table.

Trust and Respect

The two preponderant feelings in the kitchen are for me trust and respect. Inevitably, I manifest them in my dishes, simple but never self-sufficient. It is precisely on that table that I want to protect that producer from annihilation that has crushed and demoralized him for years.

So I conclude by hoping that the cook, will return to those humble clothes that history remembers, without conditions of place or money,starting from the simple assumption that a white jacket weighs more than you can easily imagine today.

That touch and that jacket are responsibility and trust and with these principles they must always be worn.