My Beloved

Bluefin Tuna Roe

The Mediterranean caviar

I have defined the bluefin tuna roe as the caviar of the Mediterranean since today, it represents a preciuos and sought-after excellence in the culinary field.

It is the result of years of study and a slow refinement process that I personally take care of.

Initially I followed the traditional method. Then after tests and attempts, I modified the production method, paying attention to the variation of microclimates and the characteristics of bluefin tuna.

The preserves history has very distant origins. In fact, since ancient times, man has developed various ways to store food. The bottarga’s production uses one of the oldest methods to obtain a valuable product appreciated by consumers in search of unique flavors.

The word bottarga derives from the Arabic word ‘butarkhah’ which means fish eggs inside its sack.

The market offers different varieties of bottarga obtained from eggs of different fish species, but the most prized is that obtained from bluefin tuna eggs caught in the Mediterranean Sea.

Red Tuna

Tuna lends itself to numerous culinary preparations considering that is a fish with excellent organoleptic and flavors characteristics. Due to the large size, different “cuts” are obtained from tuna, which are used in different types of processing. What is also very important is the fishing period, since the tuna’s fat composition can change during the season.

To obtain the bottarga of bluefin tuna, the eggs are extracted from the female fish, being very careful not to break the bag. After being washed to remove all impurities, it is subjected to salting.

The equation of time follows the ancient tradition time

time: sacrifice = good: healthy

The bottarga production process is characterized by the use of traditional techniques, remained unchanged over time, whose processing methods rely entirely on the historical experience of the salt masters who, with their wisdom and with great care and fervor, bring the tuna eggs at the right level of ripeness.

During the course of the seasoning, personally, I observe the changes, their small transformations and with an ever attentive look, I understand the gradual evolution of my creatures. I sprinkle them with salt, when they need it, I regulate the temperature and humidity with great precision to ensure their ideal environment.

Technique is never enough if It is not accompanied by love for what you do!

Making bottarga is for me like taking care of my children. I follow each production phase to guarantee the highest quality of my product.

Friendship and collaboration with Ciccio Sultano gave birth to a special four-handed version. He as a breeder and I as a master refiner chose to give our bottarga our touch.

The bluefin tuna bottarga with the double signature of Alfio Visalli and Ciccio Sultano is a double guarantee.

Our procedure is aimed at achieving a series of sweet flavor balances to make our bottarga a product of great value. A bottarga with notes of delicacy but the still retains the memory of tradition.

Bottarga is a truly unique precious food, useful to enrich any fish. Taste to believe!

Risotto Sicano


• White onion
• Bottarga of bluefin tuna
• Carnaroli Rice
• Parmesan Cheese
• Vegetable broth
• Nocellara dell ‘Etna monocultivar extra virgin olive oil “Zammara”
• Salt and pepper
• Fresh mint leaf


Cut the figs into wedges.

Chop the onion into small cubes, fry it and in the meantime toast the rice.

Then cover it with the boiling vegetable broth.

Add salt and pepper and, when the rice is almost cooked, add the Parmigiano Reggiano and the fig wedges previously sautéed with onion, grated bottarga and minced mint.

Garnish the dish with the clearly visible slices of sautéed fig, with a whole leaf of mint and the remaining grated bottarga.

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