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The apparent incompatibility between cook and restaurateur

It is clear and necessary that the owner of any activity, in this case catering, wishes to identify the perfect collaborator who as such is able to perform at his best. A perfect cook for the tasks he will carry out, impeccable, prepared and educated, ready to fulfill the wishes and initiatives of the restaurateur.

Despite the screens, the countless transmissions, the talk shows and the so-called major events, at the gates of 2020, , the kitchen experiences a difficult period of emptiness and apparent incompatibility between what is sought and what is ultimately found.

An expected consequence of the loss of value that this tiring and complicated profession has probably suffered due to the excessive “seasonal” precariousness of a category that has been forced to self-downgrade.

Cook’s luck is, without a doubt, that of easily accessing to new job opportunities, city changes and future prospects. However, It should be emphasised how the ease of access corresponds to an equal possibility of losing one’s job. In fact, this profession is extremely precarious, loved and sought after by the whole world, but not very lucky, at least until today.

The extra, the season, the weekend, the absence of apprenticeship, the lack of desire to wait and grow, are some of the voices that lead to the status in which we find ourselves now, where beautiful realities deserving of good and solid kitchens, lose in quality and serenity.

It makes no sense pointing the finger at each other. What I believe is that dialogue is necessary and there is nothing incompatible, if desired. Supply and demand, united for a single goal, improve.

This thought led me to guarantee and give great importance to the human and motivational contribution to the guys I followed in training or updating courses.

For the business consultancy is the same. In both cases, I do not discern the technique from the heart, because both have the aim of defining awareness and listening skills in view of real growth.

Hence my need to appreciate the esteem and the will of those who gather around our Blu Lab Academy.

It has oriented hundreds of people eager for redemption and dignity at work.

I drew wealth from what I missed, giving knowledge to those who deserve such sharing.

All of us, as employees, chefs or employees, should understand how the human relationship and the “authorship” of the teaching we give or receive, are indelible. I am sure that the real keystone is gratitude.

Robert Romano