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La Bottarga P.A.T ed eccellenza del Mediterraneo

Bottarga di Tonno Rosso

La Bottarga una eccellenza del Mediterraneo e parte integrante di un prestigioso elenco garante e presidio di antiche tradizioni, tutt’ora esistenti, prodotti agroalimentari tradizionali ( PAT). Il marchio Sicilia esiste, ed è uno dei Brand più ricercati e forti del mondo anche se attualmente soffre di svariati disagi legati a cattive abitudini, diseguaglianze, attività amministrative non coerenti e  mancanza di una tutela oggettiva e strutturata a livello globale.  Tuttavia la forza del brand Sicilia è un punto di partenza importante. Proprio questa la premessa che ha condotto il Team di…

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Looking for a perfect ‘Chef’

The apparent incompatibility between cook and restaurateur It is clear and necessary that the owner of any activity, in this case catering, wishes to identify the perfect collaborator who as such is able to perform at his best. A perfect cook for the tasks he will carry out, impeccable, prepared and educated, ready to fulfill the wishes and initiatives of the restaurateur. Despite the screens, the countless transmissions, the talk shows and the so-called major events, at the gates of 2020, , the kitchen experiences a difficult period of emptiness...
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The exiting rediscovery of the Favignana’s Tonnara

The king of the seas, in the Sea between the seas The king of the seas, in the sea between the seas, seems like a wordplay but in reality, these commonly used denominations, help us better understand the importance that Favignana has had in the history of the great pelagic. I had not imagined the emotion that could be felt in retracing the roads and the land that had welcomed Rais, Tonnaroti, nets, islands and muciare, if I had not had the honor of participating for the first time in...
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The Natural Architecture Of The Bluefin Tuna Bottarga

I have reserved a good part of my epistolary to the narration of the historical-cultural part of Thunnus thynnus, because only in this way I hope to convey the reason for this strong bond of mine and the preciousness of tuna eggs. The birth, production and marketing of bottarga is certainly not a simple path, but it is still exciting, perhaps due to the inherent uncertainty of the result that accompanies all phases of its creation. I have talked, in a previous epistle, about that natural risk that fishermen every...
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Tuna The “King Of The Sea”, Between Saints And Tonnaroti

Fishing is one of the strongest forms of interaction between man and the marine environment and the Mediterranean Sea certainly occupies an important role. In recent decades, catches have styrocketed to the point of causing the collapse of many fish stocks, creating the so-called overfishing phenomenon. Looking back... if we turn the gaze to the past, even not so remote, it is natural to let ourself be fascinating by the tradition and sacredness of the fishing moments that saw men, women  families live those moments with the respect and ethics...
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Red Tuna Bottarga “Rites” Of Life Of A Salt Master

BALANCE The "rituals" of the island are not only sacrifice and death, but represent a balance between life and survival of men and women who waited fervently for the sound of bells to start working again.   Among the many professions related to tuna fishing in Sicily, there are remarkable testimonials about an authentic craftsman, the master salter, the curator of that warehouse to which the crew chief would have delivered the "eggs", to be put under the salt in the vats , to then clean them (clean them) day...
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The Bottarga That Is Not Of Mullet

THE BOTTARGA THAT IS NOT OF MULLET The diffusion and knowledge of bottarga is partly due to the commercial reputation of mullet or fox roe bottarga. (pictured below). Phoenician seems to have been the product's origin, but the term derives from the Arabic: "batārikh" which translated means "salted fish eggs". The term Bottarga, therefore, has a root closely linked to "keep in salt". THE MEDITERRANEAN RED TUNA BOTTARGA The secret of a quality Tuna Bottarga, however, is far from the popular maxims spread on the subject. The choice of salt,...
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The Seasons Of Milazzo’s Tonnara

An anthropological earthquake has been defined the ethics and morals that the fishing of the giant Bluefin tuna expressed through the almost heroic deeds of his men who in the slaughter period wait for the tuna returning from the “amuri” period. MILAZZO, A STORY TO TELL Even the city of Milazzo and its history, with the observations made by the Duca D’Ossada from Messina, on the Tonnara of San Giorgio Gioiosa Marea reveals ancient methods and techniques of processing, still applied and made operational by me today. Alfio Visalli  

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