Consulting & Training

Collaborate to enhance the territory

From my work experiences I have benefited from as many positive aspect as possible, useful in my future.

Among these, the awareness of the difficulties any kitchen operators has to face with, in an attempt to keep intact their beliefs and principles. In a work context, too often, business strategies and rules merge with the duty and the desire to give our best. But this, too, is part of the game.

I have always been convinced that, what drives you to seek the excellence of the product, is only the passion for genuine quality. This method allows to enhance products without distorting them, respecting flavours origin and resources.

The experience gained over the years, the meeting with the great Italian cousine and the different collaborations developed, allow me to provide advice on the economic-management strategies of a restaurant business.

My Marketing, Sales, Organization and Communication Consulting Service in Catering


Enhance or conceive a project in the food and wine sector by making my knowledge available to those who want it.

Start-up and consultancy

Start a restaurant or renovate an existing business, rearrange the kitchen or create a new one.

Marketing Activities

I show you what to do to increase customers and to better retain those already acquired.

Business Plan

I provide all my support for the drafting of the business plan of the restaurants and other activities in the catering field.


Control of the overall menu, data sheets of the recipes, dishes food cost identification and check.


Experimenting and learning are very important aspects of my life philosophy.

This is the reason why, through my Blu Lab project and my professionalism, I put my knowledge at the service of those who want it. I offer personalized training courses organized according to individual personal needs.


My training Services


Personalized cooking courses and the most important topics of catering: cooking tecniques, organization, cost control, indirect cooking, vacuum cooking, refrigeration, hygienic/sanitary prophylaxis, legal kitchen aspects.


Taught class on the fish world. Theoretical basic notions for the choice, cleaning and peeling of fish, cooking techniques, flavors conservation and nutritional principles, recipes