Chef & Kitchen


Since my earliest age I have always worked a lot and in many sectors before moving on to cooking, which has become my main job from passion.

Over the years, thanks to my different experiences, I have understood that time represents a principle that, if applied on the table as well as in life, improves the daily life of each of us.

I have deduced from it an equation which in my opinion reflects the truth: sacrifice is good as good is healthy.

I have travelled a lot and in these journeys I have had the pleasure (and luck) of knowing many different personalities and realities. Each of which has always given me something.

After a medium-long period of life and work in the great metropolis of London, I return to Sicily. My desire and determination was to cultivate my knowledge here and to bring all the useful things I could live and observe. First of all, innovation in preparation.

I have never had a proper restaurant business, but I have never experienced it as a penalty, on the contrary, it has made me even more neutral in the choices made over the years.

One of those, that I believe has positively distorted the kitchens of many activities was the already named Ready Line Chef.

This line of products is clearly inspired by my philosophy and my way of life behind the stove.

In this regard, even today I find myself engaged in the preparation of menus for exclusive events, and this makes me very proud cause I realize the esteem that I have sown over the years between colleagues and friends.

My idea is that the task of each cook is to give himself to others, giving pleasure trough taste and even before through smell, sight and memory.

Hence the need to live in greater synergy with colleagues and professionals in order to facilitate their cooking.

I consider myself a <<PASSIONATE OF GENUINE QUALITY>>.

The term “passionate” is used to express the passion for what I do. It drives me every day to try to get more and more out of it, to experiment and work tirelessly, for almost 365 days a year. Instead, by “genuine quality” I mean the constant search for the best products and the method to enhance them, without ever devaluing the territory and its resources.

The cuisine of Excellence (or better to say of “Genuine Quality”) is not only gourmet; even the traditional one (so-called “poor”) is rich in values that should be protected and promulgated.