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Looking for a perfect ‘Chef’

The apparent incompatibility between cook and restaurateur It is clear and necessary that the owner of any activity, in this case catering, wishes to identify the perfect collaborator who as such is able to perform at his best. A perfect cook for the tasks he will carry out, impeccable, prepared and educated, ready to fulfill the wishes and initiatives of the restaurateur. Despite the screens, the countless transmissions, the talk shows and the so-called major events, at the gates of 2020, , the kitchen experiences a difficult period of emptiness...
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Km-blu A Project Full Of Dreams

Alfio Visalli, stubbornness and dedication for a project full of dreams, called Km-Blu. If Blu Lab Academy is today the most avant-garde training and research center the merit is also and above all of his determination and obstinacy. However, he is keen to point out that the strength and great passion that can be read in his eyes are the result of daily sharing with his staff, close-knit collaborators who, looking in exactly the same direction, have designed project's profile. It's called Km Blu and will be presented on October...
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The premises for a compromised freedom

TRUTH AND DESIRE The intangible perfection of an idea comes from the size and strength of desire, aspiration and natural inclination of each man, energy and motivation that still strengthens my personal belief every day. Every man, by his nature, has the desire to know and be surprised, but how much freedom do we enjoy in realizing that idea or that assumption that coul be work, sentimental or simply social? This is only a personal premise of the effects of the now known food dictatorship of which I spoke earlier....
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Live A Food Dictatorship

We never wondered how free are we in choosing what we eat? As a cook, father and passionate about quality in the kitchen and at the table I asked myself this question; the answer, unfortunately, is the exact opposite of what you can imagine. Every day and every moment, when we are going to choose the ingredients that will be part of our pantry, we think to choose what we really like. But, actually it is not so, because like every other action, also feeding is the result of time,...
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Territory Cooking, Between Appearances And Needs

Sicily, true food and wine continent, as defined, offers infinite inspirations. For this reason, our territory cuisine, is unique and inimitable.  Do to the non-existence of any other alternative, those who preceded, used strictly territorial ingredients. An authentic evaluation If today I had to make a sincere evaluation of the result we reached, he probably would not be so happy. In fact, for some time now we have witnessed a true ethical and cultural impoverishment of what before was used and lived as a real resource from which to obtain...
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The exiting rediscovery of the Favignana’s Tonnara

The king of the seas, in the Sea between the seas The king of the seas, in the sea between the seas, seems like a wordplay but in reality, these commonly used denominations, help us better understand the importance that Favignana has had in the history of the great pelagic. I had not imagined the emotion that could be felt in retracing the roads and the land that had welcomed Rais, Tonnaroti, nets, islands and muciare, if I had not had the honor of participating for the first time in...
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Between Land And Sea, An Event With A Sustainable And Supportive Heart. Thanks To A Sea Of Goodness

photo ©AndreaScirè
High approval from the public also for this 9thedition. Another great success for the event "A sea of goodness" Many prestigious guests and fans of this event, which every year in August embraces the seaside village of Santa Tecla with taste and solidarity This 9th edition can also be archived as a great success, first of all in solidarity and taste, but also in teamwork, with excellent participation from companies and institutions. We speak of course of "A sea of ​​goodness", the gastronomic event organized by Blu Lab Academy, by...
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The Natural Architecture Of The Bluefin Tuna Bottarga

I have reserved a good part of my epistolary to the narration of the historical-cultural part of Thunnus thynnus, because only in this way I hope to convey the reason for this strong bond of mine and the preciousness of tuna eggs. The birth, production and marketing of bottarga is certainly not a simple path, but it is still exciting, perhaps due to the inherent uncertainty of the result that accompanies all phases of its creation. I have talked, in a previous epistle, about that natural risk that fishermen every...
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Tuna The “King Of The Sea”, Between Saints And Tonnaroti

Fishing is one of the strongest forms of interaction between man and the marine environment and the Mediterranean Sea certainly occupies an important role. In recent decades, catches have styrocketed to the point of causing the collapse of many fish stocks, creating the so-called overfishing phenomenon. Looking back... if we turn the gaze to the past, even not so remote, it is natural to let ourself be fascinating by the tradition and sacredness of the fishing moments that saw men, women  families live those moments with the respect and ethics...
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Red Tuna Bottarga “Rites” Of Life Of A Salt Master

BALANCE The "rituals" of the island are not only sacrifice and death, but represent a balance between life and survival of men and women who waited fervently for the sound of bells to start working again.   Among the many professions related to tuna fishing in Sicily, there are remarkable testimonials about an authentic craftsman, the master salter, the curator of that warehouse to which the crew chief would have delivered the "eggs", to be put under the salt in the vats , to then clean them (clean them) day...
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