Taste Trainer

About myself...

As a curious and reflective person I’m defined from who knows me; this impression is probably true.
This idea is due to the importance attributed to listening in order to understand the others’ needs, given good advice.

My colleagues, well know, I have never loved rules and imposed status; on the contrary, I’ve been always inclined toward freedom of thought and passions. What I believe is that, this in the only way to transmit fervor and dedication I use every day.

In my job I’ve been always investigating and looking for new undertones to enrich my experience that make me stand out.

Among all the raw materials I came into contact with, Fish is, for sure, the one I dedicate my whole life to, “my trademark”.

Another cornerstone of my careers is certainly the time.

A compass, a strength, my secret.

Over time, I travelled a lot, enriching technical and cultural knowledge, building and strengthening some friendships, like the one always binds me to Salvo Ferlito. Friends and companions of long journeys, far and wide for Europe, trips of personal and professional discoveries.

Over time we have cultivated and elaborated a new project, Blu Lab Promotion, in order to bring added value, to what or production and distribution company for the fish world, has represented for thirty years.

Today, such innovation is supported by Blu Lab Academy, a research and training center with an excellence standard in selection; an answer to real needs of the gastronomic world. A place where colleagues, businessman and amateurs can personally experience what means choosing quality, trying it, understanding the differences and ambiguities.

My family is an integral part of my philosophy, the first place where everything take shapes; without my family support, without the love of my wife Melina, nothing would be identical to what it is. My children are my treasure. It is thanks to them I learned how small gestures can lead to great results.

Daily life philosophy

Just as in life, I also prefer to be pragmatic in my work. This translates into the need to live in contact with every single part that makes up the large network and system of a supply chain.

Each of them is an integral part of it, therefore, I prefer contact with the manufacturer, then with the consumer that explains me problems encountered in the purchase or in the sales network, or even with a reseller or a sales representative. To this modus operandi was due the success of the Pronto Cuoci line.

Thanks to the many specialties dedicated, It has been, for the past twenty years, a point of reference for the world of catering and beyond.

The most effective means to find the solutions that the catering market needs are exchange and dialogue.

Greater theoretical and practical competence, reflection on one’s ability to be creative, recognize one’s limits, have an overview and experience, are all skills, over time, I have acquired and which I still try to improve.

Essential to grow and succeed: experiment and experience yourself.